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Suffering From Migraines & Headaches?
It is challenging to self-diagnose TMJ. If you have pain in your jaw, you could possibly have TMJ; however, there could be other factors causing your headaches or jaw pain. Dr. White will be able to help you determine if TMJ is causing your headaches or jaw pain, and if he determines that you have TMJ, he will be able to provide an in-house solution.
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What Makes White Orthodontics Different?
Flexible Payment Options For Braces & Orthodontics

The cost of braces is one of the biggest obstacles to starting treatment. We want to make the most effective orthodontics available and affordable for you or your loved one when you walk through the doors of our Glen Allen orthodontics office.Our zero financing plans, along with our family discount plans, make it easier for you to afford braces for you or your family members.

Lifetime Guarantee

At White Orthodontics, we stand behind our orthodontic treatment for you and your family. During your White Orthodontics Bio-Esthetic Smile Analysis, ask for more details on the White Orthodontics Lifetime Guarantee.

Exceptional 5-Star Service

At White Orthodontics, you can expect 5-star service from every member of our orthodontic team. Our front desk team will kindly greet you to make you feel like you are a welcomed member of the White Orthodontics family. Our team of orthodontic assistants are sure to make sure you are comfortable and informed of your appointment itinerary. Then our orthodontist will be informative and address any questions or concerns you may have about your braces, treatment and its progress.

Beyond Straight Teeth

A straight smile not only provides esthetic benefits, it promotes healthier brain activity with an overall sense of well-being. White Orthodontics is concerned with the function and form of your teeth and jaw, which is very important during the treatment process.

Virtually No Wait Times

Many people are busy these days, juggling responsibilities such as work, school, and extracurricular activities. Time is a crucial factor when it comes to things like braces. At White Orthodontics, we understand how important it is for appointments with an orthodontist in the Richmond area to fit into your busy schedule. Because we value your time, we ensure all of your appointments start on-time!

Accelerated Treatment Options

Our many advanced treatment options include Suresmile®, Acceledent®, Propel® and Invisalign®, which can cut your treatment time by 50% or more! We also offer BioForce wire technology to provide faster, more comfortable treatment with fewer orthodontic appointments

Read What Some Of Our Happy Patients Are Saying...
I am the father of 5 children & remember the first time I started looking for an orthodontist for my oldest child. I quickly realized I had no idea how to make sure I was selecting an excellent orthodontist. We did our best, but, unfortunately, we chose an orthodontist who gave my daughter a pretty smile but also a jaw with new clicks, pops, and discomfort as well as recurring headaches. Following a relocation, we found another orthodontist who uses unique techniques we learned were called the Roth Williams philosophy. Under this method, orthodontic treatment is used to obtain not only a pretty smile but also healthy jaw function — at the same time. My daughter had to be retreated, but this orthodontist had the techniques to fix the clicks, pops, and discomfort. When I moved to Virginia, I found that Dr. White is one of the few orthodontists in the region from the Roth Williams school. I was happy to drive 2 hours to Dr. White for my daughters and me. Dr. White and his team surpassed my expectations. Dr. White is amazing & gives 110% to make sure your teeth & jaw are perfect. And his entire team is highly competent & pleasant. We got great results — the first time! I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Love these guys!
-J. Newberger
Not only did Dr. White make my teeth absolutely perfect, he literally changed my life. I went in for a consultation just to straighten my front teeth, the ones that had moved from my childhood braces. After examining me, Dr. White told me that I had TMJ. I had been suffering from headaches almost daily and migraines serve all times a month so that I missed work several days each month. I had no idea that TMJ was even a thing, so I was excited when He told me that it was not only treatable, but that it was something that He did. After discussing the treatment plan of surgically cutting my jaws and 2-3 years of braces, I was of course VERY skeptical about all of this. It almost seems like it wouldn't be worth it. BUT... I decided to go through with it, and let me tell you- I feel like a new person! It's now been over a year since my braces came off and about a year and a half since my jaw surgery, and I can count on one hand how many headaches that I have had. I have people ALL the time tell me how beautiful my smile is and I always tell them about Dr. White. Even though jaw surgery is no walk in the park, I would do it all again in a heartbeat! Thank you Dr White and your amazing team of awesome girls for improving my life and my smile!
-R. Stephens
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