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My Amazing New Smile!

Welcome to your When Will I Get My Braces Off? Quiz! Take your time, and good luck!

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Our goal at White Orthodontics is to ensure you get the ____ results possible, in the ____ amount of time.

After Dr. White studies your models, x-rays, and digital photographs, he develops an orthodontic treatment _____.

What factors are beyond your control when undergoing orthodontic treatment?

What technique does Dr. White use to place brackets perfectly on your teeth all at once?

Once the braces are placed on your teeth, they actually move on their own to get your teeth in place.

What is the orthodontic equation? What does it mean?


At least how often should you visit your dentist for a checkup & cleaning when you have braces?

Chewing on ice and biting into whole apples is a great way to test your braces for durability and is recommended by Dr. White.

What is it called when you do not wear your retainer and your teeth return to their original, crooked position?

You can earn points in our office and use them to shop lots of cool stores online using our ______ program.


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