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Free – Retainers For Life – Once your Invisalign treatment is complete your retainer will help keep new rock star smile in perfect alignment. Over the course of the year’s retainers need to be replaced, which can cost as much as $400 each time. With your Retainers For Life program, you’ll never spen a dime to replace your worn out retainer! (Avg Value $2,170.00)

Free – Customized Treatment Plan – Every Invisalign treatment is unique just like every smile is equally as unique. Upon your first visit we will design and tailor make the ultimate customized treatment plan built for your specific smile! (Value $475.00)

Free – Rock Your Smile VIP Gift Card – You will receive a $500.00 rock your smile gift card good towards your Invisalign treatment for you or your child! (Value $500.00)

Free – Interest Free Flex Payment Plant – If you have looked at receiving Invisalign in the past, then you know the payment options are narrow and often times not accommodating to your budget. With the White Orthodontics Interest Free FlexPay System, you’ll not only receive zero percent interest but you will have your investment custom tailored to fit your specific needs! (Avg Value $682.14)

Free – 3D Imaging – 3D imaging is one of the latest technological breakthroughs in orthodontics… But it can be costly! By activating your VIP package today, you will receive a full 3D pre-treatment imaging at no additional cost. (Value $350.00)

Free – Diagnostic Photos – Diagnostic photos provide a distinct advantage throughout your Invisalign treatment by enhancing the achievement of facial harmony and smile aesthetics (Value $350.00)

Free – Airway Screening – It’s true that right now your’s or your child’s airway may be partially blocked! It’s far more common than most people would expect and specially trained orthodontics are considered among the world’s top experts in airways treatment. (Value $165.00)

Free – Head and Neck Pain Vulnerability Assessment – The next time you experience a headache or stiff neck, it may very possibly be happening for reasons that are preventable. When you activate your VIP package today, you will receive a complete head and neck pain vulnerability assessment. (Value $150.00)

Free – White Orthodontics Lifetime Guarantee – Once your braces or Invisalign treatment is completed your retainers will help maintain your amazing new White Orthodontics Smile. If for any reason your teeth move, even if you didn’t wear your retainers, we’ll put your braces back on or make new aligners for Free! No questions asked, we wouldn’t have it any other way! (Average Value $3,580)

Free – My Amazing New Smile VIP gift card – As part of this one time offer, you will receive a $200 Amazing New Smile gift card good towards braces or Invisalign for you or someone in your immediate family (Value $200)







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