Richmond, & Glen Allen, Virginia's
Award-Winning Orthodontist

Richmond, & Glen Allen, Virginia's
Award-Winning Orthodontist

Richmond, & Glen Allen, Virginia's
Award-Winning Orthodontist

Reviews Of Dr. White & White Orthodontics

Richmond & Glen Allen, VA’s Favorite Orthodontist For Braces & Invisalign

5-starJ. Newberger
I am the father of 5 children & remember the first time I started looking for an orthodontist for my oldest child. I quickly realized I had no idea how to make sure I was selecting an excellent orthodontist. We did our best, but, unfortunately, we chose an orthodontist who gave my daughter a pretty smile but also a jaw with new clicks, pops, and discomfort as well as recurring headaches. Following a relocation, we found another orthodontist who uses unique techniques we learned were called the Roth Williams philosophy. Under this method, orthodontic treatment is used to obtain not only a pretty smile but also healthy jaw function — at the same time. My daughter had to be retreated, but this orthodontist had the techniques to fix the clicks, pops, and discomfort. When I moved to Virginia, I found that Dr. White is one of the few orthodontists in the region from the Roth Williams school. I was happy to drive 2 hours to Dr. White for my daughters and me. Dr. White and his team surpassed my expectations. Dr. White is amazing & gives 110% to make sure your teeth & jaw are perfect. And his entire team is highly competent & pleasant. We got great results — the first time! I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Love these guys!

We came to see Dr. White after completing orthodontic treatment with another orthodontist. We were so disappointed with her results which had her teeth in a very unattractive position. Our daughter was resistant at first which was understandable as she was in 8th grade. She now loves her new smile and is happy that she got braces “one more time” to get it right. Dr. White’s staff, especially Kristi, was very professional, and made the visit fun. Dr. White is a perfectionist who has made sure that her bite and smile are just right. The whole staff is very supportive, informative and helpful. Our experience here was so different from the other orthodontist who was considered one of the best in Richmond. There is no comparison to the orthodontic treatment my daughter received here. Dr. White has the latest treatment techniques. We have been so happy that besides my daughter, my son and I also are receiving treatment. I look forward to the day when my own braces come off and with the change so far, know that it will be a great improvement to my bite and smile. We recommend Dr. White to everyone we know who is considering orthodontic care.

5-starK. Shields
The process has been smooth, fast and easy. Dr. White and staff have been so helpful and supportive. We did consultations with several orthodontists but chose Dr. White because his plan was more comprehensive, long term and well thought out. We look forward to a lifetime of healthy, beautiful teeth.

5-starM. Folliard
We would strongly recommend Dr. White and his fantastic staff. Our experience has been wonderful. Our daughter has been seeing Dr. White since she was in the 3rd grade. Now she is a sophomore and has a smile to die for. We will miss seeing all the beautiful smiling faces at the office. If you want the perfect SMILE, White Orthodontics is the place to dial.

5-starAnnemarie T., MD (for Lauren)
We are incredibly pleased with the improvement in Lauren’s bite and smile! Prior to treatment, we didn’t even realize there was an issue. Looking back at pictures from a year ago, we’re shocked at the transformation. This whole experience has been great. We appreciate the fact that Dr. White is a perfectionist and doesn’t stop until the teeth and bite are perfect. His office is beautifully run and the orthodontic assistants are wonderful. As an adult needing jaw surgery and orthodontics, I’m happy that my daughter will be avoiding this! Thank you for everything and we’ll see you for Phase II.

5-starPeggy R.
I highly recommend White Orthodontics. Dr. White uses state-of-the-art techniques, and in my opinion, does excellent work. Both my children had significant structural issues and Dr. White corrected the problem instead of just pulling teeth. The staff is highly trained and friendly. They made an unpleasant task pleasant for my young children. The end results, beautiful smiles, tells it all!

5-starTim H.
We have now completed multiple phases of brace work for our 2 daughters. In both cases, we have had amazing experiences with White Orthodontics. Our daughters’ smiles are fantastic! The entire staff is amazing and go out of their collective ways to ensure a positive result and great experience for our girls.

5-starM. Fubara
Our entire experience with Dr. White has been great. Our two kids have had different situations that required different treatments which Dr. White prescribed and the results have been great. The hospitality of the entire staff has also been great. Once in a while it felt like we were part of Comedy Central! One potential area of improvement is helping families with a cost benefit analysis of the services offered. Dr. White is great at shooting for 100%. Some folks may be alright with 80% as long as they are aware of the potential benefit they may be missing from the potential cost savings.

5-starM. Ford
The staff at White Orthodontics is phenomenal! They care about each patient and treat you like a friend. We were so impressed with their professionalism and quality of care. We could have gone to “cheaper” orthodontists but we wanted it done “right” the first time. We see Kristi and Dr. White for all of our orthodontic needs and have referred several family, friends and neighbors! Happy smiles!

5-starA. Carson
Since our first visit here we have been delighted with the upbeat, positive approach of Dr. White and all of his staff. Andrew’s older brothers (25 & 22) received orthodontic treatment from a different practice in the area and we wish we had discovered Dr. White’s practice for them. From the initial consultation to the removal of braces and addition of retainers, everything has gone as they described. They even handled Andrew’s fractured jaw, due to an accident, with compassion and a sense of urgency. This occurred on Christmas night and Dr. White and his staff was a phone call and a visit away over Christmas break! I would highly recommend Dr. White’s practice to any family needing this treatment for their children. They also handled Andrew’s gag reflex with care, making any dental work a positive experience for him.

5-starKelly R.
Dr. White and his staff are so great with the kids and patient with the parents and all the questions we (I) ask!

5-starTiffany R.
Awesome bunch!!! Everyone is always friendly and Dr. White is the best.

5-starChris W.
Very friendly staff. Awesome office. Dr. White is the best!

5-starMargaret N.
Awesome friendly staff, great place! My daughter loves it.

5-starRyan D.
I strongly recommend Dr. White to everyone. His leadership from the Armed Forced exudes confidence and wisdom. His team is very energized and treats everyone like they were the only client. The team here works well and is always on the same page.

*The reviews on this page are from actual patients of Dr. Paul White Of White Orthodontics. Individual results may vary. Reviews are not claimed to represent results for everyone.

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*The reviews listed are from actual patients of White Orthodontics. Individual results may vary. Reviews are not claimed to represent results for everyone.

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